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Tired of Chasing Business?
It's Time to Get Business to Come to YOU!
(This Page Might Just Save YOUR Business)

If you are... (Check any that apply to you.)

a Creative Director or a Designer
an Owner of an advertising, marketing or PR agency
a Website Owner or Webmaster
a SoloPreneur/Entrepreneur

a Professional who approves, plans and executes advertising, marketing or PR campaigns
a Business Owner

...and you hire me today, I'll take a HUGE load off your shoulders and help you to maximise the results you get from your sales and marketing efforts as they WOW your potential clients.

"Tracey Dooley has worked with us on many occasions now - often at very short notice. Ours is an extremely fast-paced working environment, but Tracey always gets stuck in…She's been equally able to turn her hand to true-life stories, fashion, beauty, food, homes, celeb interviews and puzzles. I would definitely recommend Tracey to anyone."

-- Hayley Fowler, IPC Connect

Click here to read more glowing feedback.

I'm Tracey Dooley. I can remove the hassle of writing and editing all your printed or email sales letters, newsletters, websites, marketing/promotional materials and other communications pieces. Been doing it for almost 14 years now.

I’ll increase their impact and effectiveness, too. My last mailing to an entirely 'cold' list brought in a response rate of 25% – four is considered good in the industry. Another mailing I did for a client to their qualified 'hot' list pulled a response rate of 47%. Imagine what this would mean for your business.

Easy inexpensive solutions for more
clients, sales and profits

Dubbed the "Word Doctor", I help people communicate more effectively with others. I primarily work with agencies, solopreneurs, non-profits and businesses of all sizes on a freelance project-by-project or an 'as-needed' basis crafting or polishing words. I help organisations raise funds and awareness for charitable causes, too.

I live, breathe and, yes, even eat for words. Because they’re the lifeline of any business. Words are used to educate, explain, inform, instruct, motivate, sell…or complicate, confuse, de-motivate, dissuade and mislead.

But powerful writing that sparkles as it sells can add value to almost anything. It can certainly hook your readers and shift products in seconds.

The most important asset
ANY business can have

It boils down to knowing which words to choose for a given situation, and placing them in the correct order. One that will evoke the strongest emotions from your target market. One that is designed to influence, change perceptions, build brands…sell.

It’s called power-packed copywriting. It is perhaps the single most important asset any business can have. And now you can have it, too!

Whether writing from scratch or tweaking existing copy, I can take all your marketing copy or business writing and give it the right medicine so it gets results. Which in turn can do wonders for boosting your profits.

Think of me as an extension of your marketing department (but you pay me only when you hire me). Or an affordable alternative to an agency (my overheads are lower, which means more savings for both you and me!).

When you enlist my highly effective copywriting, marketing or editorial services, you'll benefit by:

Adding value to all your written communications – including brochures, direct mail, websites, and more.

Ensuring your message gets across with clarity, style and professionalism.

Using language that gently moves people to action – whether you want to sell an idea, an issue, a product or a service.

Acquiring new customers/bring back old ones/retain current ones.

Being set apart from the crowd.

Building your bottom-line profits.

In short, your ads, brochures, sales letters, articles, web content, and every other imaginable piece of writing will start doing the best possible job for you ... attracting all the prospects you can handle. And because I have lived and worked on both sides of the 'pond', I can easily adapt to write for the American as well as the European markets.

So contact me today and let me help you to:

a) bring your business to the next level

b) make ALL of your words and written materials count

c) make them sparkle so you get the best ROI.

Alternatively, click this link to see the type of clients I LOVE working with and if you're among them!

All the very best

Tracey Dooley
Creative Copywriter Word Doctor Marketing & Alliance Strategist

PS I'm mainly interested in long-term relationships with my clients. From a purely selfish reason, it costs more in terms of [wo]manpower or time and money to bring in new clients. But this does mean that I do my utmost to take care of ALL my clients, especially the long-termers among you! In fact, repeat business is my biggest source of work. So if you're not already on my list, perhaps you will be one fine day. : )

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what my clients say...

 "Here's a girl who knows her stuff! As a marketing professional I know good copy when I see it..."

* * *

“ I won the Homes and Gardens (design) Award last night for [product] ... I am so excited and your initial press release was key to getting my launch off the ground. Thank you."

* * *

"WOW, we're already at the top of Google. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your copy is great!"

* * *

"Thanks for the copy which I REALLY like –– it's exactly what I wanted and perfect for the target audience! "

* * *

"Hi, tracey. We are really please with the copy it's just what we need."

* * *

"I've had mixed experience of other copywriters, so I was really impressed with what you produced."

* * *

"Thanks to you, I now feel more positive about my business!"

* * *

 "The web copy was GREAT – you did an excellent job ... you have a way with words which captured my attention from the offset."

* * *

"Hi Tracey. Early signs are good! At least one order a day so far and each one has been for more than one product."

* * *

 “Tracey is very experienced and just as creative. She brings great ideas and real marketing insight to everything she does."

* * *

" She [Tracey] has a knack for creating direct sales messages and is very lovely to work with.”

* * *

"A worthy investment.”

* * *

"Don't be put off by the slick marketing. Tracey Dooley is very good at what she does ... I'd have no hesitation in recommending her to any editor, and indeed already have. Very impressive!"

* * *

"I LOVE the sales letter. As soon as I read it, I reached for my credit card, and it's my own product!!!!"

* * *

"The Brochure is fantastic and we have had such a positive response from our clients and people within the industry."


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An experienced copywriter can add some serious sparkle to your business ... so please contact me right now for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Professional copywriting → more engagement → more sales → more loyalty


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